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Wellbeing concerns our thoughts, feelings, emotions and ability to react to life. A good sense of wellbeing is feeling ok and able to cope, even when life or situations are challenging.  Sometimes our wellbeing is affected by things out of our control: illness, a stressful family situation or crisis.

When our wellbeing is affected and we don’t feel able to cope, this can lead to mental health concerns that can stop us from enjoying and coping with daily life.


Although mental health is often invisible, that doesn’t mean that it should be hidden. Statistics tell us that most people suffer from a mental health concern at some point in their lives and that 1 in 10 young people struggle with their mental health.


At Laburnum, we are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our pupils, their families and staff. Our strong belief in positive relationships allows us to promote emotional wellbeing in school and identify signs of a decline in mental health. Positive mental health is important for everyone and we hope that the resources found here can provide some support.

Click to open the gallery below to view the resources in full.

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