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Assessment, Reporting and Recording

We believe that sharing information about how children are achieving and progressing is key to maintaining a good home, school relationship. When parents and carers understand the steps their children are taking in their learning they are more able to support and encourage, and when children see that the adults in their lives are interested they are more likely to want to achieve and share their successes.

Formal ‘Parents Evenings’ are held in the Autumn and Spring Terms and we hope you will find time to attend these discussions each time they are held as we feel they are a valuable opportunity to share information, successes and explain the next steps in learning.

We also look for regular opportunities to invite parents in to look at children’s work. Of course, if there are any worries or concerns we won’t wait until Parents Evening and will ask you to come in for a chat before or after school. In the same way, if parents or carers have concerns we want to know sooner rather than later and will find a mutual time to talk.

Teachers continually monitor children’s progress. We do this by comparing work with what was produced previously and always encouraged to improve on their own performance. Records are kept of children’s achievements and some more formal testing provides us with information about children’s strengths and needs. This is important in helping us plan the next steps for your child and set targets for continued improvement.

We are aware that there are a variety of situations which may affect a child’s progress, and we would appreciate information about any changes at home which may affect your child. Towards the end of Year 1, all pupils undergo the National Phonics Screening assessment to judge how their basic skills in linking letters and sounds are developing. Towards the end of Year 2 and Year 6, pupils are assessed using the National Tasks in the core subjects of English (both reading and writing) and Mathematics. Towards the end of Year 4, pupils are assessed using the Year 4 multiplication check. The outcomes of these assessments are reported to Central Bedfordshire Local Authority and the Department for Education.

DfE School Performance Tables

Please click on the following link for the results of our most recently published assessments:

A formal report is written at the end of each year informing parents and carers of their child’s achievements, progress and targets and there is an opportunity for a meeting to talk through any issues which may arise.


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