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Nursery (Apple)

Led by Mrs Gauge & Mrs Watts.

Beech (Reception)

Led by Mrs Boyall. & Mrs Gauge

Apple and Beech are supported by,

Mrs Baker, Miss Cook, Mrs Ingram, Mrs Murphy & Mrs Opper.

Elm (Year 1)

Led by Mrs Johnston and supported by Mrs Aloysius, Mrs Hutchison & Miss Sermons.

Cedar (Year 2)

Led by Mrs Moore and supported by Mrs Andrews.& Mr Rosmini.


Chestnut (Year 3)


Led by Miss Joy and supported by Mrs Leet and Mrs Tyler.

Willow (Year 4)


Led by Mr Mepham and supported  by Mrs Shaw.

Sycamore (Year 5)


Led by Mrs Godfrey & Mrs Jarman and supported  by Miss Bloss & Mrs Johnston.

Oak (Year 6)


Led by Mrs Day and supported by Mrs Milne.