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Nursery (Apple)

Led by Mrs Boyall & Mrs Watts.

Beech (Reception)

Led by Mrs Gauge

Apple and Beech are supported by,

Mrs Baker, Miss Cordery, Mrs Ingram, Mrs Khan, Mrs Opper .& Mrs Robinson

Elm (Year 1)

Led by Mrs Johnston and supported by Miss Gossling & Mrs Cook.

SDiR CC HC group discussion.JPG
Cedar (Year 2)

Led by Mrs Moore and supported by Mr Rosmini, Mrs Ranson & Miss Sermons


Chestnut (Year 3)


Led by Miss Joy and supported by Mrs Andrews, Mrs Leet & Mrs Murphy

Willow (Year 4)


Led by Miss Wright and supported by Mrs Johnston, Mrs Oleary, Miss Seeley & Mrs Tyler

Sycamore (Year 5)


Led by Mrs Bellingham & Mrs Jarman and supported  by Mrs Fisher & Mrs Shaw.

Oak (Year 6)


Led by Mrs Dawes & Mrs Day and supported by Mrs Milne, Mrs Morgan & Miss Sermons