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Year 3 DT




At Laburnum, we aim to give pupils the opportunity to design and create purposeful products. The children will work creatively and practically with various materials and components including construction, textiles, electronics and food ingredients.


The children will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to engage in the process of designing and making. They will be able to build on these skills as they move into a new year group.


Pupils will be encouraged to research before designing and making their own products and will learn to think creatively and solve problems as they evaluate their creations.


There will be opportunity for cross curricular links with Science, Art and Computing.


Children will begin to gain independent and creative skills from Foundation Stage where resources are open ended and adults will teach simple skills such as cutting, joining and cooking.

The children will follow the National Curriculum throughout KS1 and KS2 with a clear and consistent plan that promotes the progression of independence, knowledge and skills. The children will be taught to research products and design their own based on their research. They will then create and evaluate their own products. This will be done through practical and creative activities so that the learning is memorable in order to retain lifelong knowledge and transferable skills throughout their life. This includes cooking, textiles, cutting, joining and electronics.


Our DT curriculum is designed to revisit and build upon previous vocabulary and skills taught throughout the school.. Our planning is underpinned by Projects on a Page, published by DATA (The Design And Technology Association) to ensure that there is a consistent and progressive approach to DT. Projects on a Page displays in depth examples of what the children need to research and offers ideas of how these can be put into design.


Food Technology is taught in every year group with a focus on healthy eating.

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