Intent Statement for Music

To engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music by: critically engaging with various genres, historical periods, styles and traditions of music; building confidence and skills when performing both with voice and with a range of instruments; creatively responding to music by composing original and interpretive pieces. 

All children take part in music lessons as part of the curriculum. They are taught to sing, to play simple percussion instruments and compose music. We use the Charanga music scheme and other resources to enhance this area of the curriculum. Children in all years also receive specialist tuition for part of the year from 'Inspiring Music' the Bedfordshire Music Hub. This ranges from singing and percussion, to instrumental tuition. Across the years, children will experience a wide range of specialisms.

The opportunity to perform to parents and the community, enhances the music curriculum for all children. In addition, children in Year 3 take part in an annual 'Sing Out. Play Out' programme, culminating in a performance alongside other schools, at the Bedford Corn Exchange. Year 6 take part in the 'Sing Up' programme, which involves performing at the O2 in London.


Children are taught to appreciate and evaluate music. Music and singing form part of our weekly assemblies. Some children between are able to learn to play the piano or guitar; peripatetic staff visit weekly to teach these children.