Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)


We believe that much of what takes place in school contributes to the personal, social and emotional development of the children. Children are encouraged to be responsible for themselves at an early age, with appropriate support from parents and staff.


Sometimes there are specific lessons and occasions when children are taught about their own development in all aspects of life. We have a scheme of work which covers all aspects of PSHCE taught alongside the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Education) programme. We celebrate children’s achievements in weekly assemblies and encourage children to identify positive attitudes and values in themselves and in others. We aim to answer children’s questions in this area with an appropriate balance of honesty and sensitivity. Human and animal life cycles are studied in science and human development is also studied in PSHCE. Personal, Social and Health Education is incorporated in a cross-curricular approach, taking into account the ages, abilities, experience and family backgrounds of our pupils.


In all areas of school life we aim to develop positive attitudes and values, which promote healthy life styles. In September 2012 we established ourselves as a “Values School”, in line with the other local Pinnacle Trust schools. Each month we focus on a different value that we believe children need to live and learn together. These values are reflected in weekly assemblies and class activities.

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